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up to this time, we can hardly avoid a feeling of dissatisfaction. From the

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and publish in the College Journal, a series of Resolutions, among

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ment of digestion, defy all attempts at systematic classification. Some

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in a fit subject at Havana and Vera Cruz, is occasionally, though rarely,

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or renal complications. From a morphological study of

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Mentally the children are usually particularly blight, in some

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Ferguson says: "Typhoid germs must be taken into the stomach

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belt should extend from the pubes to the level of the short ribs.

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in a day), the patient being profoundly unconscious between the paroxysms,

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the great trochanter and the iliac spine, external to neck

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plantar reflexes show an extensor response. There is no definite

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from which the germs of malarial disease might be dis-

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Ely's case the hemorrhagic tendency was due to a secretory

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symptoms were those of a mild bronchitis with cough and expectora-

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of the parts affected in thoracic complaints, are so mixed up with

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Spectator, Xo. 389, was in this sale and fetched £2S ; it was

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,passed into the middle of the lump, thus making clear that we

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Except for an attack of measles at fourteen years of

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A physician is employed to inspect the schools for physical

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Precautions: Use cautiously In patients with a history of seizures, in hyperthyroid patients,

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Secretary, M. Dubois D'amiens, then reads the foregoing domestic cor-

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lieved fully in Denman's rule, that when the ear of the

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in spontaneous hsemorrhagy; nor is our embarrassment lessened

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tical conditions and establishing the amount of lead taken up.

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cover under such treatment, the organism is found to be greatly affected.

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As it has been several years since Dr. McGraw made his address

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600, and less than two fifths the French allowance), it is important that

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The subject of the latter will make it the object of his life,

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should be indispensable before entrance on medical I

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patients who are favoured by youth and robust habit. In aged

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partly everting the lower, and compressing out of sight the

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disorders which furnish few data for exact conclusions are

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of procuring relief. A half grain of a salt of morphia may be sprinkled

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the initial count was 10,000 or more in 20, and higher than 15,000

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gesting tabes. If the lesion should interfere seriously with

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in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and in McGill University,

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and then a removal of the tumor. Accordingly tonics

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It is fortunate that this watery sputum teems with bacilli early in the disease