Samsung’s Number One Positions in India threaten by Micromax

The Korean Company has managed to get the top position on the Indian market. This is quite a breath of fresh air since the company has experienced some troubles in both sales and revenues this year.

IDC report the Indian market has revealed that during the second financial quarter of the present year, the top seller was Samsung and not Micromax as claimed earlier by the Counterpoint Research.

The IDC report pointed out that Samsung had 17 per cent of the Indian smart phone market while Micromax had only 14 per cent. The third position was occupied by Nokia and its 10 per cent. Karbonn occupied the fourth position while the fifth belonged to Lava. The rest of the market share belonged to some other companies.

On the other hand the research done by Counterpoint has some different results. Thus, according to Counterpoint the first position on the Indian market belonged to Micromax, while the second to Samsung.

The Korean Company did not agree with the result of the Counterpoint research and expressed its opinion publicly. The company representatives claimed that Samsung was still the number one smart phone seller on the Indian market. The IDC report confirms the Samsung claims, but not one hundred per cent. It has to be pointed out that each firm uses different parameters in order to do market research. Therefore, figures have the tendency to vary from one company to another.

The Vice President of IDC South Asia pointed out that Samsung was still the leader of the Indian market but Micromax was growing a very rapid rate. This might led to Micromax topping Samsung during the next financial quarter.

IDC has also revealed that the Indian smart phone market has experienced an eighty-four per cent growth. During the second quarter of 2014 more than 63.21 million mobile units were sold in Indian stores. Out of this figure 18.42 million units were represented by the smart phones.

The report also revealed that the market was dominated by phones costing less than 200 US dollars. This can be translated into the low cost phones outnumbering luxury devices. The sales of Phablets represented 5.4 per cent of the smart phone sales and more than half of the Phablets sold cost less than 250 US dollars.

The top five list of smart phone vendors is the following: Samsung, Micromax, Karbonn, Lava and Motorola. The Korean company has twenty-nine per cent of the market and most of the sales were owed to the products having prices below 150 US dollars like the Galaxy S Duos and the Galaxy Star Pro. Eighteen per cent of the market belonged to Micromax and Karbonn had eight per cent. Lava managed to obtain six per cent and Motorola five per cent.

It is more than obvious from the report that the Indian customers are attracted by smart phones having prices below 200 US dollars. The IDC report also highlights the fact that Samsung has to work on its pricing policy since it can be topped by Micromax any time soon.

The third and the fourth financial quarters promise to be extremely interesting with Oppo and Xiaomi entering the battle for the conquest of the Indian market.