Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Its Clones Goophone and Benchmark

Samsung has not launched on the market its newest device Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but this has not prevented copycats from making their apparition one the market.

Goophone N4 is said to be the exact reproduction of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Goophone has made a name for itself due to its ability to imitate original devices. Its imitations resemble the originals quite a lot and lots of amateurs barely make the difference.

Fone Arena claims that the company’s latest copycat gadget is the Goophone N4. However, its features and specs do not resemble at all the ones of the real Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The imitator has a display of 5.7 inch and a resolution of 1920×1080 p. The random access memory is equal to two gigabytes while the processor is an octa-core MediaTek type having a power of 1.7 gigahertz. The device has got a rear camera as well as a front camera while the battery has a power equal to 3200 mAh.

The device is quite a successful clone of the so much talked about Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It can already be bought by people who care more about appearances.

When it comes to the real Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the gadget has been seen in the pages belonging to AnTuTu benchmark. Some of the future specs of the smart phone have been presented here. GSM Arena claims that all these specs have been talked about on some other various sites.

Thus, the news about the 5.7 inch display with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels is rather old. Also, gadgets fans have already debated the processor type on the new gadget. It will probably be either a Samsung Exynos 5433 octa-core or a Snapdragon 805. The rumours about the 16 gigabytes storage space date from some time now. However, the Korean company has not confirmed the rumours about its product. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has high chances to be released during the IFA held in Berlin on the 3rd of September 2014.

AMOLED Technology for Samsung Gadgets

Samsung might be working hard into giving its newest gadget some features to astound the customers. The Korean company has high hopes on its AMOLED display which has already been used on its latest gadget belonging to the Galaxy Tab S line.

SamMobile identified a rather new info graphic in which Samsung brings into discussion some of the characteristics of the Super AMOLED display and highlights what makes it different from the already traditional LCDs.

The greatest benefits of AMOLED technology are its speed and efficiency. AMOLED owes these two characteristics to the pixels but also to the self-emitting diodes which permit a faster reaction. Moreover, the AMOLED are equipped with some sort of organic layer of colour which covers about 900 per cent of the RGB scale belonging to Adobe.

Thus, the user can see even the most faded colours. Another plus of the AMOLED screens is that they have a much wider viewing angle. Thus, the user can see the image properly even when lying in a bed.