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apparent in this case that the man had not been infected by this

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of tlie disease as those on whom inoculation had been practised with

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incontinence during sleep. Intermittent micturition great

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being overheated while under the projecting apparatus and to keep

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Schroeder Superintendent of the Experimental Station of the

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therefore that even when cow s milk is given greatly diluted much

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followed by a cure the tube relieving the urgent symptoms until absorption of

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though he admitted with Dr. Barker that the local manifes

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tion as in ventral hernia. In the newer fields of surgery

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once commenced the practice of his profession with the late Dr

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possible. If the inflammation is allowed to run on the bag

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cubation period of from four to nine days from the inoculation

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highly important. An instance of the extreme difficulty of dealing

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who developed tuberculosis of the mesenteric glands without the slightest

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tion of joint diseases and injuries. This necessarily brings you to

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no particular sound. The pulse was firm and not at all

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rise and which at the same time they reinforce. Delusions in the acute

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physicians did not care to treat drug addiction so that

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tient cannot himself move the limb as well as he was

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ing purposes. This however seems to be very doubtful and it may be

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tion the active principle of the extract does not materially deteriorate

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of those applying for treatment at the dispensary of the

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the additional factor of sepsis did not predispose to cancer ex

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monoclonal protein and that this particular protein had the

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towards completing the buildings of tlie National Sanitarium

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of maternal impressions says the time they are most probably effective

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July I examined the tonsils microscopically in cases where tuber