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to subsist on a variety of foods. Vegetarianism may have its virtues as
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the pyramids. The dimension of the animal has undoubtedly
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ing several centimeters in diameter. They have an opaque nucleus sur
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The tratisneural suture already employed by Nelaton consists
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bution Involuntary muscles are found in the alimentary
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small the pus may undergo fatty degeneration and be
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Dr. Cohen could reply only from his reading as this
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oculation of human smallpox and on the pock diseases of
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opens and discharges. When fluctuation can be felt the sac may
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within one hour while a four per cent carbolic solution alone had
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will last longer than a month. Here perhaps we may be
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monly preferred as possessing all the strength that
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be operated upon till medical treatment has proven of
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ment of another set of arteries namely those of the brain.
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responsible for enhancement of toxin production since
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Sir George Baker in his admirable article on intermittent
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Apparently they are the result of a primary structural defect or injury
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always affected the right side. The men made good recoveries with or without
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consuming native made lemonade ice cream etc. has jirobably caused typhoid fever
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by pathological change the danger is doubly increased. In verification of the
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progressive anjemiaof obscure origin. The stools had Ijeen examined but no worms
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and this is to be done in the following manner A silver
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The Influence of the Tissues. As already stated when slowly clotting
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serum reaction of these cases was tested with typhoid bacilli daily with
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diffuse peritonitis just so are the operations upon the
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this argument. The present agitation has no such basis as
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last quarter from this disease was only. per while it
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The clinical picture of aneurism of the aorta is extremely varied.
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For some time it has been observed that infants suffering from
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long to facilitate their removal. If desirable the long threads may