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mg. But of this amount of strophanthin, the heart, as far as the experiments

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there are several on record at the Santo Spirito Hospital in which

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Connecticut Medical Society, Wednesday, May 23(/, 1860.

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hysteric females the S. Weir Mitchell treatment is often attended with good

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tion, but they generate toxines, which produce most pronounced nervous

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cases were recorded. The number of cases then fell somewhat abruptly,

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ophthalmoscope have this week been presented to Mr. J. J. H.

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claim to the Saint Paul Prize, founded twenty years

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concluded that this woman had syphilis and that this I base an opinion on. According to the observations

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tonic spasms every minute or so. The pa tient had hys-

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do Mr.Erichsen the justice of exercising a praiseworthy caution

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agotomy, combined tesophagotomy, and retrograde di-

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quently observed in persons free from any organic cardiac diseaseu