Additional Facebook Option to Save the Day’s Posts

We know that a vast part of the world’s adult population has been hooked by Facebook but for some users the network definitely plays a central role in their lives. The giant network company claims to have received complaints from users that do not have the necessary time to absorb all the information that appears on their Facebook wall within a twenty-four hour time span.

Daniel Giambalvo, a software engineer employed by Facebook says that each and single day, users find extremely interesting items of news on Facebook but unfortunately they do not have the necessary time to follow or explore in detail these pieces of information. The engineer has told Facebook users that now they have the possibility to save the items they find interesting on the social network and verify them later. Users have the possibility to save links leading to various sites, music, films, games and others. If the user wants than he/she can share the saved links with his/her friends.

All the posts are going to have an extra option located in the drop down menu place in the top left. With this button the users are going to save nuggets in their to do list. The posts are going to be saved and the user is going to have the possibility to access them by means of a menu located on the top left corner. Moreover, Facebook is going to send reminders about the news feed.

The obvious advantage for users is that they will not miss catchy posts. They can also save the items they are interested in especially when they are using a costly mobile network. What is in for Facebook? More time to be sold to online advertisers.

This new option will be available on the website as well as on gadgets functioning on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, Windows Phone possessors must have more patience since the option will not be available for them right now.

Beta Testers Try the New Time Lapse Camera Feature of iOS 8

Apple made a presentation of its next iOS version during the WorldWide Developers Conference last month. During the presentation the Apple representatives mentioned briefly a possible new feature: the time lapse camera. Some producers have been given the chance to put on trial this new feature and to express their opinions and impressions.

Thus, a post on the official Apple site claims that the time lapse camera mode belonging to iOS 8 eases the users’ actions by taking photographs at intervals that have been selected dynamically. As a result the user will have a video that presents a sequence of the pictures as they were taken. This closely follows the slow motion characteristic which was added to the iOS 7 a year before.

This new feature does not need too much control. It has a record button equipped with a timer, and this is about it. After all the photos are taken, they are put together as some sort of a sped-up video. Buster Hein, working for the Cult of Mac has enjoyed the fact that the feature is so simple and easy to use. He has also said that the end product was cool and forecasts that photography lovers would definitely fall in love with this new feature.

Hein has said that Time Lapse allows iPhone possessor to make videos which look as if they were produced with a DSLR. He has confessed that in the beginning his exposure was quite low but the application adjusted it automatically, especially when there was not sufficient light.

Walt Mossberg, working for Re/Code is not so convinced about the simplicity of this new characteristic. He seems to be quite skeptical though he admits that he has not tested the feature yet. However, he considers time lapse videos difficult to make no matter the simplicity of the technology involved. He says that lots of time is needed to create these videos as well as additional equipment like a tripod and others.

Dom Esposito writing for 9to5Mac says that there are high chances for him not to use this feature on a regular basis, though he admits that it is quite nice to have this option available.

Developers have uploaded some of the videos they produced with the help of the time-lapse camera feature of the iOS 8. Some of these videos are available on various social media networks.

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iPhone 6 versus Knife: the Sapphire Screen wins

A video that has just hit the internet presents viewers a strange knife attack over an iPhone 6. The mobile phone comes untouched after being scratched, bent over the limit and shattered.

More and more leaks are claiming that the new iPhone 6 will come out packed with a very resistant sapphire display. The video that caused so much stir was uploaded by technology expert Brownlee Marques. The viewers can see what apparently seems to be the front cover of the phone put to a series of tests to prove its resistance. The display remains intact despite, Marques’ attempts to damage it.

It is said that Apple has put more than half a billion US dollar in this sapphire display. The material has also been used in very small amounts to create the lens of the iPhone 5 camera. Some recent reports state that the sapphire made screen can survive without a scratch event after being dropped on a concrete surface., the website belonging to Apple, said in the first months of 2014 that the electronic giant was investing money so as to have an entire display made of sapphire. The reported claimed that the company had managed to get enough material to start the production of about 100-200 million iPhone display having a sixe of five inches.

Without a doubt, the sapphire crystal costs much more than the “gorilla glass” that was used for the making of the previous Apple iPhone screens. Thus, many experts believe that the price of the new iPhone 6 will be quite high.

The “knife attack video” comes to confirm that the photos which invaded the internet in the past months might not actually present the final shape and design of iPhone 6.

The pictures that have come out reveal a curvy, slick glass screen, a bit different from the old photographs that were supposed to present the new iPhone 6. There are many who say that the older photographs actually show some dummies belonging to the pre-production phase.

Nikkei, the Japanese newspaper, states that the stripes that can be seen on the back side of the mobile phone, which are supposed to be able to catch radio frequencies, are not going to be visible for the eye when the phones reaches the public.

Nikkei claims that the iPhone 6 will not present stripes at all. The reporters at Nikkei believe that the stripes point out the areas where glass will replace aluminum, as it is the case with iPhone 5. They also issued the alternative of having the stripes visible but made of very polished glass. Lots of Apple enthusiasts have expressed their huge relief that the pictures they have seen up till now, do not present the final version of iPhone 6.

Some new pictures that appeared on 9to5Mac, present a phone equipped with a screen made of sapphire crystals. The phone is seen only from the front but it is possible to distinguish very well the polished glass and the edges that are quite curved.

The Chinese Apple supplier claimed that iPhone 6 would be launched on the 19th of September. Meanwhile Deutsche Telecom told its client to expect for the mobile phone to be launched during the third Friday of the month of September. iPhone 5 S and iPhone 5 C were both launched on a Friday in September.

The reports received from various Apples supplier hint that the new mobile phone has entered the production process. The reports also reveal that the new iPhone will have two versions, each bigger than the ones extant on the market.

The Bloomberg sources have confirmed the fact that Apple is about to launch two versions of the iPhone 6: one having 4.7 inches and the other 5.5 inches. Most of the previous reports claimed that the larger model would not be available at the same time with the smaller version. However, the Bloomberg report claimed that both versions would be available for the public in the month of September. Thus, most experts in the domain wait for Apple to launch its much rumoured gadgets in the month of September.

The media is filled with rumours about the new features of the new iPhone 6. Thus, it is believed that it will have a liquid metal shell, which is much stronger than aluminium. This means that at least in theory the phone will be lighter and slimmer without having its strength affected not even for a bit. However, this is unlikely to happen since Liquidmetal has produced only small components so far.

There are rumours that iPhone 6 will have liquid metal components. This might be true, since various reports hinted that the alloy would be used for the iPhone’s buttons as well as switches, which have always been a weak point for iPhones.

A Bloomberg reported claimed that iPhone 6 is going to have a curved type screen. These screens are considered to be much more comfortable, durable and better for watching videos as well as playing games.

Mac Rumours claims that the 5.5 inches version of iPhone 6 will have an optical image stabilisation. The performance of the camera is more and more important for users and therefore producers pay more attention to this phone feature. Thus, optical stabilisation which has the possibility to cut the blurs in images could be a sound reason for a higher price to be requested for the new iPhone 6, the 5.5 inches version.

Some consider that eye-tracking will be one of the new features of iPhone 6. The phone would present the possibility to be eye controlled thus, giving the users the possibility to scroll down the pages without having to use their hands.

The Near Field Communication is supposed to be part of iPhone 6. Thus, the telephone would act as some sort of system of payment. Thus, iPhone buyers will have the possibility to put the handset on a receiver than make money transfers in restaurants or when in a shop. There are some Android as well as some Windows mobile phones that already have an incorporated NFC, but Apple still has to take this step forward.

It is said that the electronic company is trying to find a suitable way to let the mobile phones control their flashes. But, there is no information about the time when this system is going to be produced.

There are lots of users who hope that iPhone 6 will have a monitor for health and various health applications, especially since Apple has proven its interest in this field by launching the iOS 8. FitBit and FuelBand are a living proof of these interests and of Apple’s plans in this direction. Rumours claim that iPhone 6 will be capable of tracking its owner’s metrics, pulse and body temperature.

So, all iPhone 6 fans should keep their fingers cross and hope that all their wishes might come true in the month of September when the new phone is supposed to reach the stores.

The iPad Air 2 Expected to be used for Home Entertainment with Ultra-High Definition Televisions (4K) and Graphic Consoles

The soon-to-be here iPad Air 2 is rumored to have features that will support 4 K Television sets with Ultra High definition and  with  and graphic consoles.

Certain analysts and experts in the technological industry said that the new Apple Air 2 will change the face of game for ever not long from now, which implied that iPad Air will come with unbelievable  specs as well as characteristics. Late reports stated that the latest Apple device will have the capacity to back the much wanted Ultra High Definition Television Sets because of the quick processor updates.

Additionally, it is likewise supposed that Apple’s new gadget will have the possibility to connect with graphic consoles due to the Metal API innovation. The electronic giant might give to the other companies like Sony or Microsoft quite a run for their cash if the iPad Air2 will manage to dominate the game zone.

Thus, Inquisitr said that the new table will have the ability to take gamers out of their habitual video game space. If the worldwide known electronic company manages to create a controller to function in perfect connection with iPad Air, then it will take the lion’s share out of the video game market.

In the meantime, the much awaited launch date of the new and already famous iPad Air 2 might occur soon as the gathering of the gadget apparently started in the current month. The known 9to5mac referred to Etnews guaranteeing that the manufacturing of the new era iPad Air began the current month and the large scale manufacture of the segments will start somewhere towards the middle of the present month, while the creation of the gadget’s processor as well as camera sensors will start in a month.

The report has also claimed that iPad Air 2 will have an exterior design similar to that of its forerunner and it will be equipped with a display featuring a resolution power not different from its predecessor’s, meaning  2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Additionally, the tablet will have a much more developed A8 type processor, which will strengthen the effectiveness and battery power of the iPad Air 2.

Other supposed gimmicks of the new Apple iPad Air 2 are: shooter at the back with eight megapixels and a front camera with 1.5 MP, iOS 8, finger sensor for personal identification and a more powerful battery. The gadget is guessed to touch base in October, which is the common period for Apple to launch its new gadgets on the market.




Apples and Its Appealing iPhone Features for Parents

In my activity domain I am frequently approached to consider the convenience of both fittings and programming, particularly of cell phones. One of my enormous touchstones and one that is overlooked by an astonishing number of developers— is that most things cannot be found in the vacuum.

In the event that your objective is to have thousands, or millions, of individuals utilizing your product, it is common sense that you have to consider how it functions when you are travelling in an underground train, bus or tram, sandwiched between sweaty and highly irritated individuals. You also have to make sure if it user friendly in bursting daylight, when driving an automobile, or while doing something with your other hand.

My gratefulness for these ‘hardship utilization situations’ just expanded when I had a child. All that you do is ten times harder when you are attempting to help someone learning, being fed, put to bed and or to simply no die of exhaustion while doing all these.

That, I consider, is still a quality that the iPhone has over numerous different gadgets. I have and liked using gadgets focused around various platforms such as like Android. However Apple’s overwhelming concentration on clear, open outline in both equipment and programming has given the iPhone a huge advantage and has made by far friendlier for exhausted and always on the run individuals.

When you are juggling with one, two or ten children and simply attempting to accomplish things, being able to twiddle around with your friendly working system simply does not feel as essential as having things work right.

That is the reason why Apple is tapping with the most recent spot in its “more powerful” types of iPhone ads. The commercial, having the suggestive Parenthood, went in the air this evening concentrating on folks playing and using their smart phones in the company of their children.

The iPhone emphasis numerous child related task such as infant monitoring, figuring out how to brush your toofers, games to play while attending children’s parties and other child-parent activities.

One intriguing thing I noted: the spot does not demonstrate the iPhone being utilized to provide passive entertainment. The applications are all painstakingly decided to show things being carried out, not something that positions the iPhone as a surrogate guardian.

The melody in the spot is ‘Life of Dreams’, sungby Julie Doiran and the applications emphasized are the ones called Kinsa, My Teeth, Drawnimal, Wemo and Nike Running. They have not forgotten about Pet Manager and Parrot F.P.

Likewise, with the latest iPhone spot centered on wellbeing, Apple maintains the usual standard of its hardware component. This is excessively shocking, as I tis vigorously supposed to present a wearable gadget with a wellbeing center. Thus, it simply invested a lump of keynote time ont WWDC discussing its new equipment system in Homekit.

The iPhone associated gadgets which have been incorporated are: the Kinsa Thermometer, the Light Gadget Proscope Micro. Parents and children will also like Withings Withbaby, Tractivel Neckline and probably the above mentioned Flower Power will become an instant hit.

Please observe that I am not saying you cannot do these activities on any Android gadget. I can do the majority of these things on my Nexus 5; however they are not about as simple or secure. It is a decent thing, that Apple has centered internal in these spots, on indicating what their gadgets are prepared to do.

You should compare what I said in the above line with the ad that Samsung launched this week, which is provided with “parental angle” as well.

The tone puts on a show of being barbarous and guarding, and does not even demonstrate that probably the camera has superior features to the previous ones.  Also, given that the iPhone is the best known camera on the planet, with in excess of 515m sold, its likewise not to be assaulting a feeble point whatsoever.

The Apple advertisement, by and by, centers specifically on what the iPhone can accomplish for you and does not focus on the weak points of its competitors. Ease of use is a profound quality of iPhones and Apple is aware of this. It is a well-known fact that this convenience is held dear by most people having children than for other phone users..

I like that the straightforward LED functions in the sun, because we have to admit that most of us have used this thing as an electric lamp.