iPhone 6 about to go on Mass Production

There are high chances for Apple to start the mass production of the so much awaited iPhone 6. Most analysts believe that the new gadget is going to be released on the market towards the end of the month of September.

The fact the mass assembly of iPhone 6 is about to start has been suggested by some new Asian developers. The first sign has come from a company named Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company which at the end of July had revenue of 2.16 billion US dollars. The sum was made public after the Taiwanese company had managed to deliver a bulk shipment consisting in A8 chips. These chips are said to be part of the new iPhone 6.

DigiTime claims that its anonymous sources from inside TSMC declared that the Taiwanese company would continue its ascendance in the months to come.  The company owes its growth to the massive production of 20 nm items. These items are in fact the 64 bit A8 CPU.

It is assumed that the TSMC revenue figures will increase with 20% during the last month of 2014. This will be owed to Apple starting its mass production of iPhone 6. It has been forecasted that by the end of the year about eighty millions units of iPhone 6 gadgets will hit the stores. All these new devices will be powered by the A8 processor producers by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. There are also rumors that the American company will use the A9 chips for its 2015 iPhones and iPads. The A9 chips will be probably produced by TSMC in collaboration with Samsung.

The most important components of iPhone 6 started to arrive at the Apple assembly factories located on the Chinese territories in early July. In the meanwhile, at Foxconn (the most important iPhone 6 manufacturer) has gone through some changes. DigiTimes claims that Foxconn has started to make various adjustments in its production lines so as to increase the efficiency of its equipment. All these come to confirm the idea that Apple has already started its mass production of iPhone 6.

The DigiTime reports highlighted that the changes will need some time in order to arrive at the maximum efficiency points. This suggests that the assembly of the next generation iPhone could start in the month of August. The Taiwanese publication claims that the proof of Foxconn becoming a manufacturer of iPhone 6 can be traced in the fact that the gadget manufacturer underwent a drop in its revenues. This was caused by the fact that the delivery of consumer electronic items decreased visibly.

However, by the end of the year Foxconn will be back on track since more than 100 million iPhone gadgets are going to be produced. The figure includes iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C as well.

The iPhone 6 is estimated to arrive by the end of the month of September. There are rumors that the smaller version, having a screen of 4.7 inch will hit the markets first. However, a lot depends on whether Foxconn has actually started to assemble the device.