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one half of all his fatal cases ; but he adds that every one of his patients
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on in these cases is very apt to be fatal, may be treated with the Cannabis
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known as traumatic fever — ^none more seemingly capricious and
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logical and therapeutical effects of the bath correspond to those
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definite wave lengths are emitted according to its tempera-
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elapsed. During this time, the patient's general condition had
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Our remarks under this heading will have reference almost exclosiTely
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comm\inication with the external ear (cases of cerebral otorrhea) there
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Sanatorium, 81 per cent, were known to be alive and in excellent health for at
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" Particular employments, in which dusty particles and noxious
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members an opportunity to get an insight into the workings of the
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the governors of the institution in any way removes
effect of h2-receptor antagonists cimetidine and ranitidine on reproductive functions in male mice
it may give rise to numberless little wounds where septic
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smoothly, easily, and well, until it is worn entirely out, all its parts having been
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delay in diagnosis, showing fracture of scaphoid bone; seen
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fixed at ninety degrees. The muscles and tendon showed enough
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produced. Under the use of the remedy, a distinct rigidity of the
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ing a College Building during the present year. They have in the
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0" CommuniccUtoivt solicited on all Medical and Scientific
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Sept. 3rd, and attended by Mr. Miles of Fenny Strat-
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Daviflson (J. P.) Simple continued fever. N. Oil. M.
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laryngeal center, based on a case very much resembling
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fingers. The incision should be made along the dorsal face
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ask such critics to live as I have lived, with and among
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Dreiidiwught Hospital-ship. These are facts to which we
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rest were aU remarkable for relative integrity of vision. With cor-
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maJdng such orders, with respect to time, pla£e, and persons,
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There was no internal pain or tenderness, nor any indication
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do not deserve the name, and yet we must practise in
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homogeneous substance, which, by its chemical reaction, is allied to the
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Misce, et divide iii pil. iv. Sumat j. sextis horis.
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Taa])reton and M. Litten found staphylococci, while negative
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The Best Advertisinsf* — The best advertising a member of
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such organ. The example most familiar to the veterinarian of,
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