Google taken to Court by Its Users

Google has tried hard to avoid the privacy law suit but it did not make it. Its appeal was rejected on the 22nd of July 2014. As a consequence, Google has to face in court Android users who have used the giant web browser to download applications. The plaintiffs accused Google of fraud and of not respecting the contract terms. Google was also accused of distributing the personal information of its users to various advertising agencies, in the absence of their consent.

The complaints coming from customers that no longer used Google services after the changes in customer policy are not taken into consideration.

On the first of March 2012, Google went through another law suit. The internet giant was accused of having altered its regulations concerning the privacy policies. Thus, the company made a single policy in which the users were announced that some of their personal date would be accessible to certain advertising agencies. The data were obtained through Gmail, YouTube and from Google Maps.

Numerous users were not comfortable with the idea and they accused the company of not treating customers properly. The users were not notified upon the changes and were not given a choice either. It was obvious that Google disclosed the information in order to obtain advertising revenues like many other companies. Due to these unorthodox practices Google managed to increase its advertising revenues with ninety per cent during the first quarter of 2012.

Customers felt very vulnerable because their personal data were made public. They did not like that their names, locations and emails addresses had been given without their previous consent to various advertising agencies.