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Regarding the usual symptoms following kidney trauma, it

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cury. Antimony, in contra-stimulant doses, is a fatal practice in acute

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Dear Sir : — When I first began the use of cocaine

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Fig. 7 (Case 2). — Electrocardiogram of same patient as in Figure 4, taken

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transverse processes of 4th, Bth and 6th D. and removed them.

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duced by the phlorizin. According to Mandel and Lusk, this indicates

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creases the load of calcium to be cleared in diastole

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Faculty of Maryland, at its last annual meeting, on the .subject

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iffusion appears to add to the distress of the patient, already very ill, the

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of my colleague, Dr. Frank A. Warner, by whose courtesy I am enabled

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Thus bloody stools may exist with or without hiematemesis.

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year delegates have endorsed the Association’s proposal of

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think that the severe reaction that follows large dosage is at all neces-

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brains, all of which revealed more or less marked anomalies of

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noon. She has not generally felt the pain on waking, but during

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properties, healing often takes place without suppuration.

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accumulation the ascites of tuberculous peritonitis.

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years, shed much light on what before was dark. Dr. Lower

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