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toward an infectious cause. It seems unlikely that M gor-

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have been resorted to to overcome this contractility.

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chronic affection, and is subacute from the first. The anatomical charac-

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nancy, two explanations had claimed special considera-

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tive processes involving the cecal region the omentum is

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thus in some measiue justifying the name sebarrhcec^ applied to a con-

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1th. The herniary contents have returned within the abdo-

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quickly applied a current of 5 ma. to head, moving the positive pole over

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the ultimate penalty nature will exact for neglected and

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have come down to us. He placed the seat of hearing in

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recovery noted by the writer is seven weeks and the longest four years.

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believe the progress of the " Great White Plague " would be

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little ground of hope that they will ever regain their mind. We received

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amount of the hypertrophied inferior turbinated bone.

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variety, there is the escape of blood from the vagina,

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This herb is used in Scrofulous aud Skin Diseases, in Livei

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breast is too tense, the nipple not sufliciently prominent,

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recognize, as he does, the intelligence, and to respect the practical expe-

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September, the frottement, which had previously existed all over

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18. Rubin EM, Kan YW: A simple sensitive prenatal test for hydrops fetalis

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be evident that all the causes whi(;b commoijily bring about

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silver, and made the first exarticulation of the elbow joint. The story

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In England and Scotland, the whole number of cases to the last date

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ble and the chief issue w 7 e should be addressing pub-

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1866 forty-three cases, and in 1866 twenty-seven cases, have

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dows. This explanation has often been relerred to by various

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When the disease is not violent, these symptoms, after continu-

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schools. In several States the university has carried on extension

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are distended with the fluid, which is injected until

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or gangrenous state, without rhe intermediate gradation of change.

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lowed by Recovery. By L. S. McMurtry, A. M., M. D., of Danville,

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