Google taken to Court by Its Users

Google has tried hard to avoid the privacy law suit but it did not make it. Its appeal was rejected on the 22nd of July 2014. As a consequence, Google has to face in court Android users who have used the giant web browser to download applications. The plaintiffs accused Google of fraud and of not respecting the contract terms. Google was also accused of distributing the personal information of its users to various advertising agencies, in the absence of their consent.

The complaints coming from customers that no longer used Google services after the changes in customer policy are not taken into consideration.

On the first of March 2012, Google went through another law suit. The internet giant was accused of having altered its regulations concerning the privacy policies. Thus, the company made a single policy in which the users were announced that some of their personal date would be accessible to certain advertising agencies. The data were obtained through Gmail, YouTube and from Google Maps.

Numerous users were not comfortable with the idea and they accused the company of not treating customers properly. The users were not notified upon the changes and were not given a choice either. It was obvious that Google disclosed the information in order to obtain advertising revenues like many other companies. Due to these unorthodox practices Google managed to increase its advertising revenues with ninety per cent during the first quarter of 2012.

Customers felt very vulnerable because their personal data were made public. They did not like that their names, locations and emails addresses had been given without their previous consent to various advertising agencies.

Espresso and Toothbrushes Lose Battle with Smart Phones

More and more individuals are utilizing their cell phone to complete their banking tasks, points out a recent report issued by the Bank of America. However, we all know the frightening truth: modern individuals perceive their cell phones as being by far more indispensable than espresso coffee and even the so necessary tooth brushes.

In the inaugural report on the Trends in the Mobility of Consumers, the reputed American financial institution (Bank of America), pointed out how vital how vital cell phones are to the U.S. population. More than 47% subjects said they would be lost without their cell phone and could not keep going through the day without their most cherished gadget.

Moreover, 60% of the subjects confessed that they could manage the morning dizziness without their espresso or cappuccino but would find it extremely hard keep on going without a cell phone. For more than 76% of the subjects interviewed the TV set was less important than their mobile device. For almost each of the people interviewed (91%) the cell phone was as imperative as their auto and even their antiperspirant.

Among teenagers and young adults (18-24 years old of age), the mobile gadget is more vital even than their personal cleanliness. Thus, 90% of the youngsters declared without a bit of remorse that their gadget was more vital than antiperspirant and for 93% definitely above the toothbrush.

Individuals are additionally utilizing their cell phone to perform their banking activities. About two-thirds of the American population (62%) had at least once used the online banking system. At this very moment Bank of America has more than 15 million clients having an online account. Out of those that have attempted to manage an online account, 31% log on by means of their cell phone once in a day at the minimum. A larger percentage of 82% checks their record through a portable device once or twice during a week. Nonetheless, even the Bank recognizes that real branches spread across the country are by far more efficient and secure when it comes to keeping a careful eye on accounts.

The Bank officials are highly aware of the new trend they do no ignore it by any means. They know that their customers expect the banks to have online services, thus offering them the possibility to solve their financial problems either from a downtown office or from a nice and remote country cottage.

New Blackberry PGP 10 Encryption Released – Top Device Security

With everything going on in the world these days, it is hard to tell if everything you do is protected any longer. Some individuals have accepted this level of invasion as something that they do not care about, do not need to concern about, or simply cannot do anything to stop from occurring. This should not be the case. No one should involuntarily give up their right to privacy. Some people simply cannot allow it due of the delicate ideas that they work on.

Some government agencies have overstepped their limit in the eyes of many individuals, by overreaching in their scope of how much they go in obtaining data. The thing that has not been known is that government agencies may be stepping on the toes of other agencies, either government or non-government, who really survive by secrecy. Not everybody realizes what others is doing, nor should they in an perfect world. Barriers must be kept in place in certain situations.

Android and iPhones have proven to be untrustworthy when it comes to encryption email and data protection. These popular devices have been fairly limited to the level of toys when it comes to industrial or professional grade security against espionage at any level. No one knows where the compromise starts and ends with these platforms whose very hardware was born with the concept of offering access to those who demanded it from certain levels.

This is false with the Blackberry pgp encrypted phone. It doesn’t seem to be the serious target of any known or unidentified corporations at the hardware level. Regardless, it still requires strong security at the software level. Here is where PGP encryption software come. With this carefully manufactured and customized solution, people using Blackberry pgp phones with the pgp encryption software correctly installed or configured may have assurance again that their information is not accessible to anybody except the intended targets.

This is a huge advantage, and a relief to the business and private sector. Being able to shut out prying eyes and nosy ears is a advantage. Now, it is an affordable instrument that is accessible through only a select group. At the moment, the leader of this technology is a organization called TopPGP. They make their product accessible straight from their website. They are delivering internationally blackberry pgp encryption phones since 2004. This is a highly trusted and trusted company in the pgp encryption software industry.

Currently, it seems possible to take back your world, and send and get very sensitive classified information. Naturally, the government isn’t happy concerning this. They continue to push for laws opposing this type of software, openly acknowledging that they are powerless against it. What comes around goes around. In this world, you reap what you sew. Many will say that it is Karma. Still others, like Blackberry PGP Encrypted Phones, would say mind your personal business!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will reach the Stores before iPhone 6

A new report coming from Korea claims that the new Samsung phablet, the Galaxy Note 4 will be launched on the 3rd of September during the pre-IFA event held in Berlin. Thus, this launch will precede the so much awaited and rumored release of Apple’s iPhone 6.

The Korean Times cited some executives of Samsung local suppliers who said that the company had decided to release the phablet in early September in order to reduce the sales of the next-generation devices produced by Apple, especially the iPhone 6, with its two versions: the 4.7 inch model and the 5.5 inch model. A Samsung display supplier told Korean Times that Samsung would hold an important event in order to announce the release of its new phablet on the 3rd of September 2014, just a few days before the IFA trade fair scheduled to take place in the German capital of Berlin this year. Samsung released its Galaxy Note 3 on the 5th of September 2013 which was also pretty close to the IFA fair in Berlin.

Various sources belonging to the Korean newspaper have claimed that Samsung has plans to send official invitations for the September event when the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to be officially launched.  The Galaxy Note 4 is supposed to be equipped with some ultraviolet sensors which have the capability to establish the level of the UV radiations.

The report on which Korean Times based its affirmations also quoted an executive of software company which partners with Samsung. The executive said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was going to be the first smart phone with an ultraviolet sensor. He certified that the sensor could measure the level of the UV radiation.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is said to have a Qualcomm processor which can support a mobile wireless technology of the LTE type. The Indian website Zauba has recently claimed that the Galaxy Note 4 is going to have a display of 5.7 inch. A previous leak has also claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to have a QHD display functioning on the AMOLED technology.

There are also rumors which claim that for the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and North American markets the phablet is going to have a Snapdragon 805 chipset. The European markets are going to get another version with an Exynos SoC.

Additional Facebook Option to Save the Day’s Posts

We know that a vast part of the world’s adult population has been hooked by Facebook but for some users the network definitely plays a central role in their lives. The giant network company claims to have received complaints from users that do not have the necessary time to absorb all the information that appears on their Facebook wall within a twenty-four hour time span.

Daniel Giambalvo, a software engineer employed by Facebook says that each and single day, users find extremely interesting items of news on Facebook but unfortunately they do not have the necessary time to follow or explore in detail these pieces of information. The engineer has told Facebook users that now they have the possibility to save the items they find interesting on the social network and verify them later. Users have the possibility to save links leading to various sites, music, films, games and others. If the user wants than he/she can share the saved links with his/her friends.

All the posts are going to have an extra option located in the drop down menu place in the top left. With this button the users are going to save nuggets in their to do list. The posts are going to be saved and the user is going to have the possibility to access them by means of a menu located on the top left corner. Moreover, Facebook is going to send reminders about the news feed.

The obvious advantage for users is that they will not miss catchy posts. They can also save the items they are interested in especially when they are using a costly mobile network. What is in for Facebook? More time to be sold to online advertisers.

This new option will be available on the website as well as on gadgets functioning on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, Windows Phone possessors must have more patience since the option will not be available for them right now.