Beta Testers Try the New Time Lapse Camera Feature of iOS 8

Apple made a presentation of its next iOS version during the WorldWide Developers Conference last month. During the presentation the Apple representatives mentioned briefly a possible new feature: the time lapse camera. Some producers have been given the chance to put on trial this new feature and to express their opinions and impressions.

Thus, a post on the official Apple site claims that the time lapse camera mode belonging to iOS 8 eases the users’ actions by taking photographs at intervals that have been selected dynamically. As a result the user will have a video that presents a sequence of the pictures as they were taken. This closely follows the slow motion characteristic which was added to the iOS 7 a year before.

This new feature does not need too much control. It has a record button equipped with a timer, and this is about it. After all the photos are taken, they are put together as some sort of a sped-up video. Buster Hein, working for the Cult of Mac has enjoyed the fact that the feature is so simple and easy to use. He has also said that the end product was cool and forecasts that photography lovers would definitely fall in love with this new feature.

Hein has said that Time Lapse allows iPhone possessor to make videos which look as if they were produced with a DSLR. He has confessed that in the beginning his exposure was quite low but the application adjusted it automatically, especially when there was not sufficient light.

Walt Mossberg, working for Re/Code is not so convinced about the simplicity of this new characteristic. He seems to be quite skeptical though he admits that he has not tested the feature yet. However, he considers time lapse videos difficult to make no matter the simplicity of the technology involved. He says that lots of time is needed to create these videos as well as additional equipment like a tripod and others.

Dom Esposito writing for 9to5Mac says that there are high chances for him not to use this feature on a regular basis, though he admits that it is quite nice to have this option available.

Developers have uploaded some of the videos they produced with the help of the time-lapse camera feature of the iOS 8. Some of these videos are available on various social media networks.

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