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that the existence of bacilli is still only a luxury in diagno

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danger. He thought that the method described by Dr.

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entire immunity from the diseases. I believe as a rule they do

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Bacteriological Report Dr. Harris. Cultures from the

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insoluble in petrolic ether but soluble in ethyl ether.

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is laid upon the presence of subcutaneous fibroid nodules as a mani

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vital a question as the treatment of the human body in health

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do not usually speak of facts or of their own personal knowledge

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good as he was very wild. We did nothing more with him

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and other respiratory irritants is so common as to be known by

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numerous filaments many of which are faintly stained and easily over

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to the synovial membrane. The articular surfaces appeared to

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dependent as well as private patients. This should not be compulsory

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pyema. Dr. MacDonnell first saw the case in when she

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incapable of fructifying in it. During the year M. Chante

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for inducing local anaesthesia by congelation or chloroform.. Silver or silk

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relaxed condition. Again during life while the pulse at the wrist is

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the process as consisting essentially in a softening of the bones.

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arteries more frequently thickened. We arc coming to ascribe a more and

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I shall content myself with citing some interesting clinical cases

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be expected in regard to other nervous functions and that

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further development of these bodies is problematical it is

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eye diseases. This was shortly followed by the appointment of a

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and is thus more satisfactory for exploratory preparation. The

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the more ordered and living knowledge of a maturer science

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be fittest for employment in the first instance they ought