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become more so, the systolic impulse being followed by such a sudden and
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JAMES R. KIMMEY, MD, Administrator, Division of Health
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taking a very dangerous course without sufiBcient grounds for
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This represents, then, the sum of the two factors — period of incu-
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16. Robert Redfield, Jr., M.D., “Why Wait? Capital Briefing; AIDS: j
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sis, by acting directly upon the muscular tissue. Accordingly a galvanic discharge passed
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is being retained. On the other hand, there is danger in continuing
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The main objective details of the investigation are as follows: Within 24 hours
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therefore, not a case of unilateral anaesthesia to-
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dominal cavity, and looked for any debris or blood,
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combatted successfully other forms of peritonitis, septic and
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read the returns correctly, he possessed a double qualification
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Pressure causing downward displacement of female breast (John
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Evans on the nominating committee, from the 7th district.
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their unstable nature. As nutritive fluid he employed ox-blood
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whether it would he possible to introduce the Cottage Hospital
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spector Burgess at Havana reports, for the week ending
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with a species of pedicle consisting of the uterine end of
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Even, however, if Mrs. Willey's views are right, we need to discover
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may state that leeches were used in two of the cases, to combat the inflam-
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esthesia of the left side of the neck, shoulder, external
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in good health and engaged in the practice of medicine; there was no
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embolic glomerular lesions in the kidneys, described by Loehlein,
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of last year at the General Hospital, on account of great pain
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hemoglobin, and is followed by states of starvation. TJja
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tions on the human being. His work had been so success-
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be found different organic products, such as blood and pus corpuscles,
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Tumor Conference, first Wednesday, 7:00 a.m. breakfast, St. Michael Hospital
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Therefore, although sewer gas plays an important part
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ing degeneration of the pyramidal iihres. The occurrence of this spasm
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Louis M., II years of age, was seen on the evening of
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cretion of the former in very considerable quantities is the index of
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Wall of cavity in right lung. — On examining a large section stained with
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falter when the eyes are shut, and they go badly in the twilight, so that it is evi-