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other intestinal parasites. Its habitat is the large intestine (cecum)
It is probable that menstruation is directly governed by special nerves
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those who have learned to understand his speech while he is under tuition.
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of it; and it is only by taking an assemblage of all its
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in diagnosis, may fail to recognise the insanity of a properly certified patient, and thus may
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volume replaced by fresh water. Salt (sodium chlorid) is now added
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The presence of bacteria within the white blood cor-
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Braxton Hicks' icire-rope ecraseur will sometimes answer still
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Sarcoma of Uterus. — At the April meeting Dr. llamlficld Jone.<<
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distinctions between the terms " intermittency " and " irregularity " in
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enable one to act promptly, and to determine what course to pursue
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I, and in the larger of these and in the longitudinal sinus there is a
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exhibited. Very quickly improvement began, and at the expi-
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Graham's Method. — Graham's alpha-pyronin method corresponded to the
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disproportionate fibrosis that is likely to be diffuse, as in the so-called
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some oppression in respiration, with pain in her chest.
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September 6th. — Exophoria 7°, hyperphoria R. 13°. With
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The testing of cows with tuberculin in the District of rohnnbia is now in
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exposed to view, the arms have come to lie between the foetal
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be that the modern medical school would do wisely in
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1 have found that the treatment is, so far as the hysteroid symptoms are con-
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iliac and lumbar fossa as far up as under the liver, stomach and
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Un cas d'extraction d'un morceau de fer intra-oculaire il
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fistulous abscesses are little prone to adhere, their surfaces being
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moist ones. It is true that the danger of infection
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The essay of Oulmont on the use of Hyoscyamia in paralysis
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ago Professor Adamkiewicz announced that by means of
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Potter’s caution against the use of undue force with
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without positive evidence of a gonorrhoeal origin, to
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vnaika-NervenstrOmen), eta, but simply because I have no reason to
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work; and the discharge of motor impulses is an essential part of the process
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The epidemic of 1865-66 has illustrated in a very remarkable
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men's heads for hats. This is adjusted to any height,
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the intervals between these attacks she was able to lead a
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which might otherwise be received into the stomach, to the great det-
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133-138. — JaecoufI (S.) Sur les rechutes dans la fifevre
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