Additional Facebook Option to Save the Day’s Posts

We know that a vast part of the world’s adult population has been hooked by Facebook but for some users the network definitely plays a central role in their lives. The giant network company claims to have received complaints from users that do not have the necessary time to absorb all the information that appears on their Facebook wall within a twenty-four hour time span.

Daniel Giambalvo, a software engineer employed by Facebook says that each and single day, users find extremely interesting items of news on Facebook but unfortunately they do not have the necessary time to follow or explore in detail these pieces of information. The engineer has told Facebook users that now they have the possibility to save the items they find interesting on the social network and verify them later. Users have the possibility to save links leading to various sites, music, films, games and others. If the user wants than he/she can share the saved links with his/her friends.

All the posts are going to have an extra option located in the drop down menu place in the top left. With this button the users are going to save nuggets in their to do list. The posts are going to be saved and the user is going to have the possibility to access them by means of a menu located on the top left corner. Moreover, Facebook is going to send reminders about the news feed.

The obvious advantage for users is that they will not miss catchy posts. They can also save the items they are interested in especially when they are using a costly mobile network. What is in for Facebook? More time to be sold to online advertisers.

This new option will be available on the website as well as on gadgets functioning on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, Windows Phone possessors must have more patience since the option will not be available for them right now.