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ally at first, because of the double infection and extreme sus-

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through the vaginal wall, entering at the uterovaginal fold. But if

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'* With regard to the grafts taken from pigmented skin (that of the negro and

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sole purpose of convenience in arguments. However, when Tom's wisdom grew,

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is not known, if you go to France where you are not known — remember

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the womb, as well as engorgement of its mucosa, conse-

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Dr. J. 0. Cotton, who examined the patient with me when

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pentine, as was recommended by Copland. At least it is difficult not to

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which does not disregard the sexual element present

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thing. Her distressing fatigue represented a mild equiva-

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parts, especially to the colon. There are likewise folds of the

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diphtheria patients should be careful regarding the patient coughing

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suppressing the most dangerous symptoms of one of the

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xiv, 83-86. Also, transl.: Analekt. f. Frauenkr. [etc.],

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face pale ; pupils contracted, left more than right — re-

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treatment of hernia in young and middle aged subjects, in whom the

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its unchanged state and its final condition as part of

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and we well know that the plan of gratuitous labour for

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in confinement, and to faithfully discharge the few small

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cold water will be found a most efficient astringent. We have

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sanitation of the privies and water closets of this section of the